Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Article Metaphors

Should You Watch Football?


Football players hitting each other, which might cost serious brain problem. Defensive player were taught to aim at Midsection but now they are aiming for the head and up body.

Making a Home in a Pyramid, 462 Feet Above Seattle

There is a Pyramid shape on top of the building, where is 462 feet height building in Seattle. In 1914, it was a highest building in the west coast. Now has a small lovely family actually live inside the pyramid.


Popcorn’s Dark Secret

Don’t eat popcorn from theater. They not only make you fat, also not health. Even though the smallest cup of popcorn that still contain high Calorie, the best way to solve this is keeping away from the food section in the theater.


Typhoon Spurs Big Mudslides in Taiwan

Typhoon Megi cost 19 Chinese tourists disappeared in to the ocean. The rains from Megi bring huge mudslides on a mountainside highway. When the tourist’s bus driving through the mountainside highway, suddenly the huge mudslides coming down, and bring the but in to the sea.


Moon Crater Contains Usable Water, NASA Says

NASA found water on the moon, which allow people stop by at moon and travel to mar.


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