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Illustrator Interview_Serge Bloch

Artwork that use Serge Bloch's Technique

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

illustrator Research

Lisbeth Zwerger

She studied at the Applied Arts Academy of Vienna. Her style is similar to that of English illustrators in the 19th century, Zwerger has developed her own inimitable style using pencilandink and watercolor. Arthur Rackham influenced her, but Zwerger developed her own style. She focused mainly on the classical tradition of fairy tales. The New York Times as a “Best Illustrated Books of the Year selected all Noah’s Ark, Little Red Cap and The Wizard of Oz.

Lane Smith

Smith is not only a children’s book illustrator but also a writer. He illustrated for various publications including Time, Mother Jones, and Ms. and others. In 1996, Smith served as Conceptual Designer on the Disney film version of James and the Giant Peach. Smith sees his artwork as a mixture between his background of fine arts and low-brow influences such as Monty Python and Mad magazine. He has tried making sweet and cute style for children's books. He uses oil paint technique, paint on the board, building up several thin glazes of the oil, sealing them between coats with an acrylic spray varnish. Which makes his work looks like airbrush.

Yuko Shimizu(清水裕子)

Yuko works in a studio in Manhattan. She started drawing since she could remember. She grew up in a traditional Japanese family. Yuko Shimizu is a NY based illustrator and a passionate instructor at School of Visual Arts where she received her MFA in Illustration in 2003.Shimizu’s subject matter includes portraits to fashion and lifestyle, business and politics to sex, sports and music. She draws with pencil and ink and computer.

David Hughes

Hughes studied at Twickenham Technical College in the early 1970s. His work incorporates aspects of illustration, graphic design, photography and animation. Hughes also writes some of the books he illustrates, as well as illustrating the work of others. His satirical drawings are mostly about war, politics and social crisis.

Catalina Estrada

Estrada was born and raised in Colombia, and living in Barcelona since 1999. This artist brings all the colors and power of Latin-American folklore and refines it with a subtle touch of European sophistication.Her art, graphic design and illustration are full of colors, nature, and enchanting characters which bursts in all of her works. Her artwork combines the flavor of traditional folk art and contemporary Asian influences with a contemporary pop culture edge. Most of her inspiration comes from traveling, literature, music, fairytales, and family and childhood experiences playing in nature in the mountains of Columbia. Primarily working with Mac computer to create her artwork. She sketches and paints with pencils, watercolor and acrylics and is inspired by different types of papers.

Peter De Seve

Seve works as an illustrator and character design for three decades and he worked for various media, included magazines, books, print and films. His used traditional drawing techniques for every pieces. He has drawn many covers for the magazine The New Yorker. As a character designer, he worked on the characters of A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Robots and the Ice Age trilogy (including Scrat). He received the National Cartoonist Society Magazine Illustration Award for 2000.

Melinda Beck

Melinda Beck is an illustrator and graphic designer. She has a studio in Brooklyn, New York. Beck graduated in Rhode Island School of Design in 1989. Her work is a mix of computer and hand design. Beck takes sculptural pieces and digital photography. She combines those elements into the illustration. Her work is full of imagination; I think it is perfect for children’s book. Her work has received awards from and publication in annuals including American Illustration, The Art Directors Club, Society of Publication Designers, Communication Arts, Print Magazine, The Society of Illustrators and others places.

Serge Bloch

Serge Bloch is a published author and an illustrator of children's books and young adult books. He wishes his art could bring people smile. Bloch see himself not as a narrator, tell tales, but just drawing things, people and moments. His subject matter most are persona, he interested in them as types, as characters in the theatrical sense. He draws persona in a humorous way. Bloch likes to mix drawing and photograph.

Hanoch Piven

Hanoch Piven is an Israeli mixed media artist. He is best known for his celebrity caricatures. His illustrated compositions are congregated from common objects and scraps of materials, including items which might be associated with the daily subject.

Peter Kuper

Kuper is an American alternative cartoonist and illustrator. He is best known for his autobiographical, social, and political observations. Kuper has produced numerous graphic novels, which have been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and other languages. Kuper's pseudo-woodcut technique is more stylized than other autobiographical comics artists.