Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Early Marriage

lots of girl like to getting marry early, such us in the high school or college age. But for me, I won’t like to marry in the early age, I enjoy two people’s world. Once, you married and have children, there is lots responsibility (Money). Maybe because where I am from. In the place I grow up, people usually getting marry at late 20. For instance, my sister just getting married, and she is 30 years old.

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Adoption is a person assume the other child who is not his biological child. I always want to adopt a children since I was teenager. I heard lots spouse adopt child because they can’t have own child. I didn’t know any body around me have this experience, but I would love to so I can know some more detail about it. I am planning on doing adoption after I got a job, make sure I have money to raise children.

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Afternoon tea and Brownie with ice cram on top

Afternoon tea is drinking tea in the afternoon, usually is after 2:00 pm- 4:00. During this time allow people take a break in a busy day, drinking some tea and having some desert. Brownie is a rich chocolate cake. When it is hot or warm, put ice cream on top of it, ice cream will melt. The taste is mix hot and cold, chocolate and cream. (I feel starving!!) I had this desert after I came to America. When I first taste it I feel amazing, usually I don’t like too sweet stuff, but not brownie with ice cream.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Playing wii

Wii is a home video game, it is made by Nintendo. The wii has wireless controller, handheld pointing device and detects movement in three dimensions. My father bought the wii for me when it first came out. Wii is a very friendly game. Only problem is the game is expensive. This summer I played the New Mario game with my sister and her husband. I like the feeling when every body get together having wii party.

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It is a surface water sport. There are longboarding and shortboarding. For the longboarding, user stand on top of it, but for shortboarding you lay on top of it. Surfing is the sport most interesting to me. I from a island country, people like this sport. At first I use shortboarding, because it is easy to learn. Then I learned how to use longboarding , which is a little bit difficult but once you got it, you will love it.

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Homosexual Marriage

The easy to way to explain it, is same-sex marriage(ssm), in the United States only have some prove Homosexual Marriage is legal. I don’t have any personal experience about homosexual marriage. I do have some friends that are homosexual, but they never think about marriage. Maybe because even in modern society, most people still don’t agree with homosexuality. I agree with homosexual marriage, I didn’t see anything wrong with that. Even though in the world guy usually marry girl, and girl usually marry guys. Doesn’t mean everyone have to do so.

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